Good friends can be a source of inspiration.

In his younger days Giannino Dal Maso, the youngest of six brothers, had a strong interest in woodworking.

He had been influenced by his father, who was a carpenter, and he discovered he also had a certain talent in the field of antique furniture and restoration work.

However, he suddenly became very interested in jewellery. One evening, when he was eighteen years old, one of Giannino’s friends, who was a jeweller, spoke to him about his work and from that moment on Giannino decided he wanted to learn more. He started to learn the jeweller’s craft, initially as a pastime.

A well-balanced mix of classic and modern styles…and subtle elements that create a special look.

For ready-to-wear jewellery that will attract attention we have concentrated on the idea of an encounter between the past and the present. Simple and yet very beautiful styles and designs of the past are referred to so as to create modern jewellery reminiscent of traditional tastes. Similarly, recent fashion trends are ‘softened’ and played down with respect to certain ephemeral and capricious tendencies allowing for the creation of a new “classic” style.