The history of Italian Stile

Good friends can be a source of inspiration

In his younger days Giannino Dal Maso, the youngest of six brothers, had a strong interest in woodworking.

He had been influenced by his father, who was a carpenter, and he discovered he also had a certain talent in the field of antique furniture and restoration work.

However, he suddenly became very interested in jewellery. One evening, when he was eighteen years old, one of Giannino’s friends, who was a jeweller, spoke to him about his work and from that moment on Giannino decided he wanted to learn more. He started to learn the jeweller’s craft, initially as a pastime.

From finely-crafted antique furniture to the world of jewellery

Soon afterwards Giannino was to become a goldsmith. Two years later Giannino opened a workshop at Camisano Vicentino and in 1975, shortly before he got married, with a great sense of dedication and supported by a team of eight collaborators he founded his own company, specialising in the manufacture of silver products. Initially simply called Giannino Dal Maso, the firm was later renamed ‘Italian Stile’, with a reference to its approach and Italian aesthetic preferences and style.

Since then his wife Gianna has always assisted him in his work, providing advice and support when important decisions have to be made.

Giannino’s daughter Anna is following in her father’s footsteps, modernizing various processes and keeping an eye on developing market trends.